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You don’t have access to your JAMB CAPS? This is what you must do

This post is for candidates who are having issues accessing their JAMB CAPs. We have provided the reasons for these problems, and we hope our solution will help you sort things out

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Are you having a hard time accessing your JAMB CAPS?

Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) is a program launched in 2017 by JAMB for assisting students and tertiary institutions in making admission processes less stressful. I hope that’s clear enough.

It is called JAMB CAPS because it is owned/designed by JAMB.

We have received messages from students telling us they are finding it difficult to login. A minority of these students don’t even know how to go about the whole CAPS thing. If you belong to any of the two categories above, then this post is for you?

To accept/monitor an admission, every student must have access to their JAMB CAPS. Otherwise, they will forfeit the admission.

Reasons you don’t have access to JAMB CAPS

1. You did not register for JAMB

If you don’t register for JAMB, you cannot have a JAMB CAPS account. It’s just as simple as that. I understand that younger students may want to try to feed their curiosity by attempting to log in or sign up for an account on the JAMB portal.

But, that is not how it works. The JAMB portal is for students who have partaken in the UTME. In other words, you will have to register for JAMB before you can have access to JAMB CAPS.

2. You are either entering the wrong Email or Password

Do you know what happens when you’re trying to log in to your Facebook or Instagram account with the wrong user ID? Exactly, no entry. This is a general fact.

Likewise, if you enter the wrong email or password into the JAMB login page, you will be denied access. This happens either because you are spelling things wrongly or you simply cannot remember your password

What’s the solution to incorrect login details?

  • check for wrong spellings, letter for letter, and make the necessary corrections.
  • generate a new password. To do this, visit the JAMB portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./ and click on forgot password. Enter your correct email address and send. You will receive a mail. Click on the link and create a new pasword. Return to the login page, enter your email and the new password. You should be able to gain access to your CAPS now.

3. You are visiting the wrong CAPS link

Another reason you might not have access to your JAMB CAPS is that you are not on the right login page. You are entering your correct email and password, but you are visiting the wrong link.

You see, JAMB has different CAPS pages depending on your status. Below are the 4 major JAMB CAPS links and only the first one is for you

  1. Student CAPS page – the correct link
  2. Admission Officer CAPS page – ignore
  3. Head of Institution CAPS page – ignore
  4. Desk Officer CAPS page – ignore

If you are reading this post right now, you are most likely a student. Hence, visit the first and ignore the other; they are for the staff.

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4. You have not registered your email with JAMB

From my experience, this is one of the most common reasons students don’t have access to their CAPS. No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to complete the process.

Note: Do not mistake email registration with JAMB profile. JAMB has already created a profile for you from the moment you registered for JAMB.

My suggestion is for you to visit a nearby CBT center and sort it out. It will not take you up to 20 minutes

The only thing you can do by yourself, however, is to generate a confirmation code.

How to create a JAMB account/Account with your email address

  • Visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./ and click on Create Account.
  • Enter your Email Address, phone number, etc, and click submit.
  • you will recieve a confirmation code in your mail. Copy this code from your mail and paste it in the confirmation column on the JAMB page.
  • if successful, a sign up form field will appear in the next page. Fill your details in this form and create a password.
  • Click on “Sign up”.

Notice that you will be redirected to an error page with a message saying:


This further proves my point that you cannot create a JAMB on your own. The page has been removed. The solution is to go to a CBT center. That way, the whole process will be faster and less arduous.

You can either start from the beginning at a CBT center or present your confirmation code to whoever is in charge. That way, they can continue from wherever you had stopped.

Can I access my JAMB CAPS without my email?

Yes, you can access your JAMB CAPS using only your JAMB registration number and your phone number. However, to do this, you will need to download the CAPS Mobile App.

CAPS Mobile App was designed by JAMB to enable candidates to monitor and track their admission via their mobile phones. The Mobile APP comes with the following unique features:

  • Ability to view profile details
  • viewing/confirmation of O’level details
  • Accept / Reject admission.

It is available on the google play store and has over 100,000+ downloads.

To use the app, you do not need to provide your email or a password. Instead, you need to enter your JAMB registration number and phone number. That’s all.

CAPS mobile app

The downside of using the CAPS Mobile APP

The app looks abandoned as it has not been updated since 2019, over 2 years ago. An app of that nature may have some bugs in it. Hence, I don’t recommend it for now.

What are the functions of the JAMB CAPS?

The CAPS was developed to do the following:

  • automate the admissions process into the University/Polytechnic/Colleges of Education.
  • put an end to multiple admissions. The days when candidates get admission into two or more school at once are now in the past.
  • check JAMB admission status
  • allows students to confirm if they want the admission or not. You accept it if you want it or reject it if you don’t.
  • issue letter of admission to students.
  • assists candidates in uploading/confirming their O’level results.

Can I sign up for an account on JAMB CAPS?

No, you cannot sign up for an account all by yourself. An attempt can only take you so far, but then, you will need to visit a CBT center.

Is JAMB CAPS Activated for 2021?

Yes, it is and candidates can now log in to either check their admission status or confirm their admission.

Will I still gain admission without using JAMB CAPS?

Nope, you won’t. The authority to give admission has been handed to JAMB by most, if not all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is JAMB who offers you your admission as well as your admission letter. JAMB keeps records of your O’level results in its database system.

In other words, if you don’t want to lose your admission, you had better start monitoring your admission through your CAPS. You may forfeit your admission otherwise.

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