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UNILAG releases 2021/2022 cut off marks for all departments

If you applied for admission at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) for the 2021/2022 academic session, you can check your departmental cut-off mark in this post.

Not too long ago, UNILAG conducted its annual post UTME for candidates who chose it as their first choice and who scored a minimum of 200 in their UTME.

You will notice that there is a general increase in the cut-off mark this year in relation to previous years. We are going to talk about the reason in another post.

UNILAG cutoff marks for the faculty of Arts

Mobile phone users, please scroll to the right to view the rest of the table

CREATIVE ARTS67.0561.4565.764.26164.975
HISTORY & STRATEGIC STUDIES68.664.32566.9568.17564.3564.775
LINGUISTICS IGBO/YORUBA61.17554.97555.352.2557.625

UNILAG cut off marks for the faculty of Management Sciences

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ACTUARIAL SCIENCE61.87557.87558.4557.05-55
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION68.6560.67565.72567.02559.960.475
ER / HRM66.9550.32565.8565.359.07563.75

UNILAG 2021/2022 cut off marks for the faculty of Education

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ADULT EDUCATION62.775-6059.855.92559.85
EDUCATION ECONOMICS66.353.764.075 61.3553.9561.925
BUSINESS EDUCATION63.8-61.42562.5-60.9
EDUCATION ENGLISH70.42565.12568.97569.47566.5568.4
EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION64.155.7555.12562.6558.5058.25
EDUCATION HISTORY62.125 -60.9-52.67557.85
EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION63.92557.0560.6559.125-59.5
EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS66.0552.856.5551.9755960.925
HEALTH EDUCATION60.256.15-56.2-57.475
EDUCATION BIOLOGY60.27553.52559.4558.27555.87557.625
EDUCATION CHEMISTRY60.259.459.17557.22553.65-
EDUCATION MATHEMATICS61.325 - 56.6559.32556.4560.175
TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION63.525-62.57559.2559.82561.875

UNILAG cut off marks for the faculty of Engineering

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BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING74.2--74.1573.67571.275
CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM ENGINEERING76.67562.07570.7574.72574.765.575
CIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING73.6 60.5568.77571.975 6172.375
COMPUTER ENGINEERING79.372.87578.27578.12577.27573.25
ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING78.12576.62575.72577.374.57572.9
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING78.862.72574.973.92571.674.625
METALLURGICAL & MATERIALS ENGINEERING72.8563.368.871.971.62572.375
PETROLEUM & GAS ENGINEERING73.925 72.37573.07572.769.92569.35
SYSTEMS ENGINEERING76.47574.975.02575.5571.22572.5

UNILAG cut off marks for the faculty of Environmental sciences

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ESTATE MANAGEMENT6561.52561.3564.160.87560.457.075
QUANTITY SURVEYING66.4-65.865.85-58.665.325
URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING62.25-59.275--59.256.375

UNILAG 2021/2022 cut off marks for the faculty of Law

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UNILAG 2021/2022 cut off marks for the faculty of Pharmacy

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MASS COMMUNICATION72.12567.52569.1570.9565.570.870.025
POLITICAL SCIENCE68.2562.37566.765.72559.257.565.35
SOCIAL WORK68.567.0564.92565.45-56.47567.575

UNILAG 2021/2022 cut off marks for the College of Medicine

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MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE74.67569.87574.2573.37573.973.12572.7
MEDICINE & SURGERY80.875.62579.42578.92577.2580.27579.75
NURSING SCIENCE70.87563.570.867.256570.02561.975

UNILAG 2021/2022 cut off marks for the faculty of Science

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CELL BIOLOGY and GENETICS70.1562.62567.17569.1565.62563.264.625
COMPUTER SCIENCE77.87573.77575.525 74.82574.375.273.725
GEOLOGY68.675 60.0558.92565.175-62.67557.775
MARINE BIOLOGY66.1-63.1565.2561.1564.9561.275
INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS69.075-68.87568.561.6564.22563.55

UNILAG cut off marks for the faculty of Social Science

Mobile phone users, please scroll to the right to view the rest of the table

MASS COMMUNICATION72.12567.52569.1570.9565.570.870.025
POLITICAL SCIENCE68.2562.37566.765.72559.257.565.35
SOCIAL WORK68.567.0564.92565.45-56.47567.575

What happens if I don’t score up to the UNILAG cutoff marks?

If you don’t score as high as the merit cutoff marks, you will not get admission for that particular course.

How do I know if UNILAG has given me admission?

You will need to be checking your admission status on the JAMB CAPS. You see, JAMB now has the authority to give admission to candidates as well as issue them their admission letters. To access your CAPS, visit the JAMB CAPS website. And, if you can now access your CAPS, you may want to read this article on the possible reasons.

I exceeded the UNILAG cutoff mark, but I’m yet to be given admission

There has to be something you are doing wrong. It is possible you have not uploaded your O’level results on the JAMB CAPS. And, if you don’t upload your result, forget about the admission for this year. To do this, you may want to read our guide on how to upload your O’level results on the JAMB portal.

How To Properly Apply For NOUN Admission In 2022 – See details and requirements

Are you interested in seeking admission at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)?

NOUN, founded in 2001, is a Distance Learning Institute (DLI) with over 500,000 students nationwide, the largest of any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the undergraduate admission procedure, as well as the requirements.

Before we proceed, please note that the National Open University of Nigeria is different from a traditional University. Here, there are no classes, no lecturers, no class reps, etc. That is the whole point of DLI. You study from distance.

Hence, if you are looking for a school with classrooms and all the nice stuff, you should look elsewhere. NOUN isn’t for you.

With that said, let’s proceed.

NOUN Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 5 O’level (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB) credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English Language. NOUN accepts, at most, two O’level sittings containing credits in relevants subjects.
  • A minimum of Upper Credits in National Diploma (ND) from recognised institutions for candidates seeking admission into 200 level.
  • additional criteria will depend on your course of study

Note that NOUN does not require its applicants to take part in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In other words, you don’t need to write JAMB before securing admission.

How to apply for admission at NOUN

  • Visit the admission portal https://www.admissions.nouonline.net/zzappl_ugrad.php and click choose your faculty. E.g Faculty of Social Sciences
  • on the next page, choose your desired programme. E.g Economics.
  • next, select your entrance level. If you are a Direct Entry student, select 200 level. Otherwise, choose 100 level. click on submit.
  • a form field will be presented to you on the next page. Ensure you fill it with the correct information, including your name, phone number, NIN and so on. Submit the form
  • you will be presented a 15-digit unique ID. Save it for reference. Next, click on apply.
  • this will redirect you to the payment page where you will pay an application fee of Five Thousand Naira Only (N5,000.00) through the Remita. To do this, generate your RRR code and proceed to the bank to pay. Don’t forget to ask for payment reciept at the bank. You will be needing it for your screening.
  • after payment, visit the undergraduate page via https://www.admissions.nouonline.net/zzadmform_ug.php and confirm your payment. To achieve this, enter your RRR code and select your programme. Click on “proceed” afterwards.
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to another form page.
  • After filling form, click “submit”.
  • Print your admission letter. You will be presenting it at your study centre.
  • Finally, visit a study center in your state for screening.

Application form

NOUN required documents for new applicants?

After completing your online registration, be sure to take the following documents with you to your study center for screening:

  • your birth certificate
  • WAEC/NECO/NABTEB result(s). Remember you can combine two results.
  • National Diploma/NCE/HND Certificates (for those applying for direct entry)
  • a recent and clear passport photograph
  • evidence of Payment (via Remita).
  • NOUN admission letter. Do you rememeber you printed one during your online registration. Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about.
  • your NYSC certificate (incase you have any).

What are the recommended NOUN banks?

You can make Remita payment into NOUN using any of the banks below:

  • Zenit Bank
  • GT Bank
  • Access Bank Plc
  • Polaris Bank
  • First Bank
  • UBA

NOUN Freshers’ School Fees

The school fees for all freshers vary from course to course. But on average, the school fees for all freshers is around the sum of Sixty Three Thousand Naira (N63,000)

Does NOUN require JAMB for admission?

No, you don’t need to sit for JAMB before you apply to NOUN. However, you must have your 5 O’level credits.

What are the courses in National Open University?

Now offer a lot of courses and is adding more courses annually. See the full list of courses here.

Is National Open University certificate recognized?

In 2015, NOUN was the 23rd best University in Nigeria, according to Webometrics. While it is an Open and Distance Learning Institute, its certificate is recognized nationwide.

How many semesters does NOUN offer?

Two semesters per year similar to other conventional Universities.

Do NOUN students go for NYSC?

Yes, the Federal Government has approved the mobilization of all NOUN graduates for NYSC.

How long is NOUN programme?

Similar to other traditional Universities, the duration depends majorly on the course of study. However, most courses have a duration of four (4) years while others (like Law) take 5 years.

Does NOUN do part time?


Does NOUN pay school fees every semester?

Yes. As a NOUN undergraduate, you will pay your school fees per semester. However, you can save up extra money in your NOUN E-wallet and use it later.

Does NOUN offer Nursing and how long does it take?

Yes, NOUN now fully offers Nursing and it spans for a period of four (4) years

Is National Open University under ASUU?

NOUN is not under the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Consequently, it does not go on ASUU strike.

You don’t have access to your JAMB CAPS? This is what you must do

Are you having a hard time accessing your JAMB CAPS?

Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) is a program launched in 2017 by JAMB for assisting students and tertiary institutions in making admission processes less stressful. I hope that’s clear enough.

It is called JAMB CAPS because it is owned/designed by JAMB.

We have received messages from students telling us they are finding it difficult to login. A minority of these students don’t even know how to go about the whole CAPS thing. If you belong to any of the two categories above, then this post is for you?

To accept/monitor an admission, every student must have access to their JAMB CAPS. Otherwise, they will forfeit the admission.

Reasons you don’t have access to JAMB CAPS

1. You did not register for JAMB

If you don’t register for JAMB, you cannot have a JAMB CAPS account. It’s just as simple as that. I understand that younger students may want to try to feed their curiosity by attempting to log in or sign up for an account on the JAMB portal.

But, that is not how it works. The JAMB portal is for students who have partaken in the UTME. In other words, you will have to register for JAMB before you can have access to JAMB CAPS.

2. You are either entering the wrong Email or Password

Do you know what happens when you’re trying to log in to your Facebook or Instagram account with the wrong user ID? Exactly, no entry. This is a general fact.

Likewise, if you enter the wrong email or password into the JAMB login page, you will be denied access. This happens either because you are spelling things wrongly or you simply cannot remember your password

What’s the solution to incorrect login details?

  • check for wrong spellings, letter for letter, and make the necessary corrections.
  • generate a new password. To do this, visit the JAMB portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./ and click on forgot password. Enter your correct email address and send. You will receive a mail. Click on the link and create a new pasword. Return to the login page, enter your email and the new password. You should be able to gain access to your CAPS now.

3. You are visiting the wrong CAPS link

Another reason you might not have access to your JAMB CAPS is that you are not on the right login page. You are entering your correct email and password, but you are visiting the wrong link.

You see, JAMB has different CAPS pages depending on your status. Below are the 4 major JAMB CAPS links and only the first one is for you

  1. Student CAPS page – the correct link
  2. Admission Officer CAPS page – ignore
  3. Head of Institution CAPS page – ignore
  4. Desk Officer CAPS page – ignore

If you are reading this post right now, you are most likely a student. Hence, visit the first and ignore the other; they are for the staff.

See Also: How to check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS in 2021

4. You have not registered your email with JAMB

From my experience, this is one of the most common reasons students don’t have access to their CAPS. No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to complete the process.

Note: Do not mistake email registration with JAMB profile. JAMB has already created a profile for you from the moment you registered for JAMB.

My suggestion is for you to visit a nearby CBT center and sort it out. It will not take you up to 20 minutes

The only thing you can do by yourself, however, is to generate a confirmation code.

How to create a JAMB account/Account with your email address

  • Visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./ and click on Create Account.
  • Enter your Email Address, phone number, etc, and click submit.
  • you will recieve a confirmation code in your mail. Copy this code from your mail and paste it in the confirmation column on the JAMB page.
  • if successful, a sign up form field will appear in the next page. Fill your details in this form and create a password.
  • Click on “Sign up”.

Notice that you will be redirected to an error page with a message saying:


This further proves my point that you cannot create a JAMB on your own. The page has been removed. The solution is to go to a CBT center. That way, the whole process will be faster and less arduous.

You can either start from the beginning at a CBT center or present your confirmation code to whoever is in charge. That way, they can continue from wherever you had stopped.

Can I access my JAMB CAPS without my email?

Yes, you can access your JAMB CAPS using only your JAMB registration number and your phone number. However, to do this, you will need to download the CAPS Mobile App.

CAPS Mobile App was designed by JAMB to enable candidates to monitor and track their admission via their mobile phones. The Mobile APP comes with the following unique features:

  • Ability to view profile details
  • viewing/confirmation of O’level details
  • Accept / Reject admission.

It is available on the google play store and has over 100,000+ downloads.

To use the app, you do not need to provide your email or a password. Instead, you need to enter your JAMB registration number and phone number. That’s all.

CAPS mobile app

The downside of using the CAPS Mobile APP

The app looks abandoned as it has not been updated since 2019, over 2 years ago. An app of that nature may have some bugs in it. Hence, I don’t recommend it for now.

What are the functions of the JAMB CAPS?

The CAPS was developed to do the following:

  • automate the admissions process into the University/Polytechnic/Colleges of Education.
  • put an end to multiple admissions. The days when candidates get admission into two or more school at once are now in the past.
  • check JAMB admission status
  • allows students to confirm if they want the admission or not. You accept it if you want it or reject it if you don’t.
  • issue letter of admission to students.
  • assists candidates in uploading/confirming their O’level results.

Can I sign up for an account on JAMB CAPS?

No, you cannot sign up for an account all by yourself. An attempt can only take you so far, but then, you will need to visit a CBT center.

Is JAMB CAPS Activated for 2021?

Yes, it is and candidates can now log in to either check their admission status or confirm their admission.

Will I still gain admission without using JAMB CAPS?

Nope, you won’t. The authority to give admission has been handed to JAMB by most, if not all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is JAMB who offers you your admission as well as your admission letter. JAMB keeps records of your O’level results in its database system.

In other words, if you don’t want to lose your admission, you had better start monitoring your admission through your CAPS. You may forfeit your admission otherwise.

How to check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS in 2021

Do you want to learn how to check admission status on the JAMB portal?

One of the biggest mistakes students make is thinking their school of choice will release an admission list for them. They therefore completely ignore the need to access the JAMB CAPS.

The truth is that JAMB is now in control of everything. In other words, candidates must accept their admission offer through the JAMB CAPS, or else, they will forfeit it. However, before confirming your admission, you must constantly be checking your admission status.

What is Admission Status?

Admission Status is a term used to refer to your position or state with respect to admission. This is almost synonymous with your relationship status: You are either single or married. Clear enough?

So, when it comes to admission status, you are either admitted or not. This is where JAMB comes in.

Why check admission status on JAMB?

The answer is simple. A lot of Universities/Polytechnics/Colleges no longer publish names of admitted students on their portals. They have bestowed that responsible on JAMB. It is now JAMB who decides who gets admission on not, based on certain requirements like confirmation of Olevel results, among others.

Simply put, to confirm if you have been offered admission into a recognized institution in Nigeria, you have to go through the JAMB CAPS.

But, this is a good development, right?

Gone are the days when students would have to visit their schools to check if they have been offered admission.

Nowadays though, you only have to check your Admission status with a single click of a button, in less than 10 seconds. And, we have JAMB to thank for creating the CAPS(Central Admission Processing System).

Functions of the JAMB CAPS

How to check admission status on the JAMB CAPS

All mobile phone users should follow these steps using a chrome browser.

  • Enter your email and password. If you don’t remember your password, click on forgot password and generate a new one. If you don’t have an account at all, then you may want to visit the closest CBT center.
  • On the new page, scroll to the bottom and click on Check Admission Status.
Click on check admission status
  • on the next page, click on Check Admission Status once again

If you have not been given admission yet, you will see a message like the one below

What does “Sorry you have not been given admission yet” mean?

It means your school has not started given admission at that time. You will have to check back. Once the news is out that your school is giving admission, you may then return to check your admission status.

What does “Admission in progress” mean?

If you see the “Admission in progress” message, it means your institution has commenced giving admission. In this case, you can hope you get lucky. If your school gives admission based on merit, then you have nothing to worry about.

Can I login to JAMB CAPS with JAMB registration number?

Yes, you can log in with only your JAMB registration number. However, this is only possible with the JAMB CAPS mobile. The JAMB CAPS mobile is available on the google play store. It is trusted by over 100,000 users. This app enables you to access your CAPS using on your JAMB registration number. Additionally, you can accept/reject admission with it.

Can I accept admission without using JAMB CAPS?

Once again, you cannot accept or reject admission without going through JAMB. JAMB now has the final say regarding students’ admission. Candidates who do not accept their admission on the JAMB portal will forfeit their admission for the year.

Why can’t I access my JAMB CAPS?

If you cannot access your JAMB CAPS, then the possible reasons are:

  1. You have entered a wrong username/password. And if that is the case, you will need to reset your password. Start by clicking on forgot password and then enter your email address. A link to generate a new password will be sent to your mail. Follow this link and create a new password.
  2. You have not registered your email on the JAMB portal. The solution to this is to visit the nearest CBT center and get it sorted out. It doesn’t take much time and it’s almost free of charge.

Can JAMB offer me two admissions at once?

No, JAMB only offers one admission to each student. The days when students will be given admission in UNILAG, TASUED, and LASPOTECH at the same time are long gone. However, in the event that candidates reject their admission to a particular school on the JAMB CAPS, they will have the opportunity for another.

What happens If I don’t accept admission on the JAMB CAPS?

If you don’t accept your admission on the JAMB CAPS, either intentionally or unknowingly, you are going to miss out on admission for the year.

The Best Universities in Nigeria 2021: UNILAG vs UI

Are you having a hard time deciding which one is more suitable for you between UNILAG and UI? Trust me when I say you’re not alone.

In a country like Nigeria where there is no stability in the University rankings, choosing the best University to attend can be a quite tricky and daunting effort.

The best University today may be in the 9th position today. That is why we need to approach things from a different standpoint, rather than depend on just rankings, especially when it comes to UNILAG vs UI.

UNILAG (University of Lagos) and UI (University of Ibadan) are among the top-rated Universities in Nigeria, in African, and in the world. Picking one of these giants can be extremely difficult as one is known to be “purely academic” while the other is said to be a mix of social life and academic.

We will present you with some of the unique similarities and differences between both Universities, including their fees, rankings, ease of admission, and so on. The final decisions, however, will be yours make.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Note: scroll to the side for a complete view if you are using your mobile phone.

University of Lagos
SchoolAmebo Score 9.5 out of 10
Ranking (Overall) #501 – 600 World University 2022
#2 in Nigeria 2022
#10 in Africa 2022
Subject Strength Ranked 301–400 in Clinical and Health
Ranked 1001+ in Engineering
Ranked 1001+ in Physical Sciences
Ranked 601+ in Social Sciences
Academics 86 – Departments
12 – Faculties
Acceptance Rate 15 %
Admission Requirements UTME + 5 Olevel credits
Direct Entry + 5 Olevel credits
Advanced (‘A’) level
JAMB Cut-Off Mark 200
Post UTME Mathematics, English and General Paper
40 Questions
Cost of Study New Students [Science] – N66,000
New Students [Non-Science] – N55,000
Returning Students [Science] – N19,500
Returning Students [Non-Science] – N14,500
O’level Sittings Accepts only one sitting
Grading system 5-point grading system
First Class Graduates 281 out of 7,754 (2021)

The University of Ibadan (UI)

University of Ibadan
SchoolAmebo Score 9.8 out of 10
Ranking (Overall) #401 – 500 World University 2022
#1 in Nigeria 2022
#7 in Africa 2022
Subject Strength Ranked 251–300 in Clinical, pre-clinical & health
Mathematics, Veterinery
Ranked 1001+ in Physical Sciences
Ranked 601+ in Social Sciences
Academics 92 Departments
17 Faculties
Acceptance Rate 45 %
Admission Requirements UTME + 5 Olevel credits
Direct Entry + 5 Olevel credits
Advanced (‘A’) level
JAMB Cut-Off Mark 200
Post UTME UTME Combinations
100 Questions
1hr 30mins
Cost of Study New Students N57,250
Returning Students- N20,650
O’level Sittings Accepts two sittings
Grading system 7-point grading system
First Class 265 out of 8,474 (2021)

General comparisons between UNILAG and UI

Note: scroll to the side for a complete view if you are using your phone.

Landmass 324.6 hectares 1,032 hectares
Type Federal Federal
Established 1962 1948
Enrollment Over 45000 30,000-35000
Staff:Student Ratio 20:1 23:1
Male:Female 55% Male, 45% Female 52% Male, 48% Female
Hostel 15 Hostels
12 Hostels
Campus Life Radio station, Athletic teams, Lagoon front Zoo, Student clubs, Athletic teams
Famous Alumni Pastor E.A Adeboye, Genevieve Nnaji, Yemi Alade, Yemi Osinbajo, Funke Akindele, Akinwunmi Ambode Chinua Achebe, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Wole Soyinka, Benedict Ayade, Eniola Badmus, Dr SID
Website www.unilag.edu.ng www.ui.edu.ng

According to the 2022 statistic reports by THE World University Ranking, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ibadan (UI) rank within the top 10 Universities in Nigeria. UI ranks a bit higher with 1st place in Nigeria and 7th in Africa. UNILAG is not far behind with 2nd place in Nigeria and ranking 10th in Africa.

Top 6 Universities in Nigeria 2021/2022

What are the Similarities between UNILAG and UI?

  • Both are federal Universities
  • They require Post UTME screening for undergraduate admission.
  • Both accept only First choice for admission.
  • Admission cut-off mark for UNILAG and UI is 200
  • Both Universities have created great minds across the world.

Differences between UNILAG and UI

  • With a low acceptance rate of 15%, UNILAG is more difficult to get into than UI which has an acceptance rate of 45%.
  • UNILAG operates on 5-point grade system while UI uses the 7-point system
  • The percentage of international students in UI is 1% compared to UNILAG with 0%.
  • UNILAG has about 10,000 more students than UI.
  • UNILAG has a beautiful Lagoon front while UI has a standard Zoological garden

Few Subject Rankings in Nigeria

Subject Ranking UNILAG UI
Medicine 6th 3rd
Pharmacy 1st 3rd
Political Science 4th 1st
Law 4th 1st

Both schools have very high status, especially in Nigeria. Gaining admission into either of them is a matter of pride for any Nigerian or foreign student. 

So, which University is better between UNILAG and UI?

Given the fact that both schools are almost tied to our head-to-head, it is difficult to pick the better one. However, we are going to consider things from different categories:

UNILAG and UI Acceptance Rates

With a low acceptance rate of 15%, it is very difficult to get into UNILAG. What 15% acceptance translates to is that out of every 100,000 applicants, only 15000 students can get lucky for admission.

UNILAG is the University with the highest number of applications every year. At least 1 out of every 10 candidates wants to study in UNILAG. Considering its landmass, however, the university cannot admit everyone.

On the other hand, the University of Ibadan has an acceptance rate of 45%. This means that for every 100,000 applicants, 45000 students will be given admission. Likewise, if 60,000 students apply for admission into the institution, 27,000 will be offered admission.

On the basis of the acceptance rate, we can conclude that UI is a better option than UNILAG. The University of Ibadan wins in this regard.

Comparing UNILAG and UI School Fees

From the school fees perspective, there is little to no difference between the two Universities. As a matter of fact, Federal Universities are the best Universities in Nigeria when it comes to low school fees.

The total school fees for all fresh students in UNILAG are N66,000 for science N56,0000 for non-science students. Returning students, however, are to pay N19,000 (science) and N14,000 (non-science).

On the other hand, the UI school fees for new students differ from department to department. But on average, the school fee for a fresh student is N57,250 while for returning students, it is N20,650.

The school fees for both schools is easily affordable compared to many other schools, especially the private institution. More on this in another article.

The school fees for both institutions are too close to determine an admission preference. Hence, no winner for this category.

Admission Requirements for UNILAG and UI

Both the University of Lagos and the University of Ibadan organize post UTME screening for their applicants.

  • They accept a minimum of 5 O’level credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English Language. While UI accepts 2 O’level Sittings, UNILAG does not.
  • The JAMB cut-off marks for both institution is 200.
Aggregate UNILAG UI
JAMB 50% 50%
O’level 20%
Post UTME 30% 50%

The University of Ibadan does not use the point grade system, whereas UNILAG does.

How UNILAG calculates its aggregate

The formula is O’level + UTME + Post UTME = 100%

A1 = 4.0 points, B2 = 3.6 points, B3 = 3.2 points, C4 = 2.8 points, C5 = 2.4 points, C6 = 2.0 points. This makes up 20% of the aggregate score.

UTME: 400/8 = 50%

Post UTME = 30% (No division)

The UNILAG post UTME is an online test consisting of 40 questions: 15 Mathematics, 15 English Language, and 10 General paper. The test duration is 30mins.

How UI calculates its aggregate

The formula is UTME + Post UTME = 100%

The University of Ibadan Uses only the UTME and Post UTME for its aggregate. It requires 5 Olevel credits in relevant subjects, but it does not use a point grade system.

UTME: 400/8 = 50

Post UTME: post UTME score/2

Imagine a candidate that scores 240 in JAMB and 70 in the UI post UTME. To calculate the student’s aggregate, we will do the following:

UTME: 240/8 = 30

Post UTME: 70/2 = 35

Aggregate score: 30 + 35 =65

Like UNILAG, UI post UTME is also an online test consisting of 100 questions. The subject combination is the same as your JAMB’s. There are a total of 100 questions for a duration of 1 hour 30mins.

As far as Post UTME goes, the decision as to which school is a better option depends entirely on the student. However, UI offers the benefit of admission to candidates with two O’level sittings, unlike UNILAG. In other words, you can combine two WAEC/NECO results for admission into the University of Ibadan.

Social life in UNILAG vs UI

All work and no play make everyone dull, not just Jack. To succeed in many areas of life, including academics, one has to combine hard work with a sprinkle of social activities.

Most people, especially those watching from distance, think the University of Ibadan is all about studying, studying, and studying. This is not true. There’s a really wide variety of possible social experiences at UI, and these depend majorly on who you end up being friends with.

The word UNILAG, on the other hand, is now almost synonymous with “Fun”. When it comes to social life, UNILAG has an edge over every other school in Nigeria, not just UI alone. Well, why is this possible? there is only one word to describe the reason: Lagos.

Lagos is a city with wonderful beaches, skyscrapers, amazing parks, best entertainment, you name it. The strength of Unilag isn’t the school itself but where the school is.

In UNILAG, you can spread your wings and be ‘You’. The institution has a good balance of work and fun.

Note: By social life, we don’t mean doing drugs and joining cultism. We are talking about a healthy life.

If you are looking to mix hard work with academics, then UNILAG is the school for you. UNILAG wins

Oops! This has been a long post and we are going to be updating it when need be.

Final Words

So far, we have made comparisons between two of the Universities in Nigeria today. We’ve looked at everything from their rankings, cost of study, acceptance rate, and social life.

Academic-wise, you can pick any of the institutions as they both offer a good academic environment. Their lecturers are well exposed too.

If you want to mix social life with academics, then UNILAG is the better option.

When it comes to admission, the University of Ibadan is easier to get into than UNILAG.

If there is any point/category we did not include, kindly drop it for us in the comment box below.

See all departmental cut-off marks for UNILORIN 2021/2022 admission

The University of Ilorin has released the cut-off mark for its various departmental courses for the 2021/2022 admission.

Making UNILORIN your First choice during JAMB registration is only half of the job. You have to ensure you meet the University’s departmental cut-off mark of your desired courses.

If you are yet to apply for the UNILORIN post UTME, then it is important to check this list out before doing so.

At this point, you should be aware that the University of Ilorin has two separate cut-off marks:

  • the General cut off mark: This is the least score that is required of all first-year applicants. If you want to get a chance at admission, you must ensure you score 180.
  • the departmental cut off mark: This varies from department to department. But, no departmental cut off mark is below 180.

See the full list of courses and their respective cut-off marks below

Departmental CoursesDegreeCut-off marks
Aquaculture and FisheriesB.Sc180
Food ScienceB.Sc200
Home Economics B.Sc180
Forestry and Wildlife B.Sc180
ArabicB.A. 180
EnglishB.A. 210
FrenchB.A. 180
History and International StudiesB.A. 210
LinguisticsB.A. 200
YorubaB.A. 180
HausaB.A. 180
IgboB.A. 180
Performing ArtsB.A. 190
Christian StudiesB.A. 180
Islamic Studies B.A. 180
Comparative Religious StudiesB.A. 180
Social StudiesB.Ed.180
Social StudiesB.Ed.180
Educational Technology B.Ed.180
Computer Science B.Ed.180
Technology EducationB.Ed.180
Health Education B.Ed.180
Primary Education StudiesB.Ed.180
Adult Education StudiesB.Ed.180
Counsellor EducationB.Ed.180
Educational ManagementB.Ed.180
Business Education B.Sc.(Ed.)180
Human KineticsB.Sc.(Ed.)180
Biology B.Sc.(Ed.)180
Chemistry B.Sc.(Ed.)180
ArabicB.A. (Ed.)180
Christian StudiesB.A. (Ed.)180
EnglishB.A. (Ed.)180
FrenchB.A. (Ed.)180
HistoryB.A. (Ed.)180
Islamic StudiesB.A. (Ed.)180
YorubaB.A. (Ed.)180
Water Resources and Environmental EngineeringB.Eng.200
Computer EngineeringB.Eng.240
Food EngineeringB.Eng.200
Agricultural & Biosystems EngineeringB.Eng.190
Civil EngineeringB.Eng.230
Mechanical Engineering B.Eng.230
Electrical and Electronics Engineering B.Eng.240
Chemical EngineeringB.Eng.230
Metallurgical Engineering B.Eng.200
Biomedical EngineeringB.Eng.200
Architecture B.Sc.220
Estate ManagementB.Sc.180
Quantity SurveyingB.Sc.200
Surveying and Geo-informaticsB.Sc.200
Urban and Regional Planning B.Sc.180
Veterinary MedicineDVM200
Common Law LL.B.260
Common & Islamic Law LL.B.230
Anatomy B.Sc.220
Medical Laboratory Science B.230
Medicine MBBS260
Nursing Science B.Sc.230
Computer Science B.Sc.220
Mass Communication B.Sc.240
Information and Communication ScienceB.Sc.190
Library and Information Science B.Sc.180
Telecommunication ScienceB.Sc.200
Doctor of Optometry B.Sc.220
Plant BiologyB.Sc.180
Industrial ChemistryB.Sc.200
Applied GeophysicsB.Sc.180
Geology & Mineral ScienceB.Sc.200
Finance B.Sc.190
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management B.Sc.180
Public AdministrationB.Sc.200
Business AdministrationB.Sc.220
Criminology and Security Studies 1B.Sc.180
Political ScienceB.Sc.210
Geography & Environmental Management B.Sc.180
Sociology B.Sc.200
Social Work B.Sc.180

If you are yet to upload your O’level results on the JAMB portal, you can read our guide on how to do that.

Remember that UNILORIN accepts two Olevel sittings. What this means is that you can combine two WAEC/NECO results.

Two O’level Sittings: What they didn’t tell you about it

Two Olevel sittings is a term used when a candidate combines two WAEC/NECO/NABTEB results. Many Nigerian institutions (University, Polytechnic, or College) offer their applicants the unique opportunity to combine two results in their quest for admission.

But, why do students have to combine their results?

To secure admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, every applicant must meet one basic requirement; They must have a minimum of 5 Ordinary levels (O’level) credits in relevant subjects. These subjects include Mathematics, English Language and 3 other subjects that are relevant to your academic programmes. So all you have to do is sit for that WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB and get your 5 credits in one fell swoop (single sitting).

But, you and I understand things can only be done perfectly in an ideal world, and that’s not where we have found ourselves.

We live in the real world and in the real world, nothing is perfect. Here, people succeed and people fail. Whereas some students will take an examination and smash it at once, others will struggle. This is where the idea of two sittings emanated.

A candidate who takes an examination but is unable to pass some subjects may make up for those deficiencies with another result. Let me show you what I mean.

Miss Cynthia (random name) wishes to study biochemistry at the university, so she sits for SSCE. She needs to have Olevel credits in Mathematics, English, Physics, chemistry, and Biology in order to secure admission. Unfortunately, she failed in Mathematics.

Miss Cynthia, not giving up, sits for another examination. This time, she has credits in all her subjects, including Mathematics. but, she failed the English Language.

She can merge these two results because the combination will guarantee a credit pass in Mathematics as well as the English Language.

We can, therefore, conclude that Miss Cynthia is using two Olevel sittings. I hope this is clear enough.

Combining WAEC/NECO/NABTEB results

Understanding the meaning of two sittings is only half the job; Next step is understanding the results you are to combine.

In Nigeria, there are three different Examination bodies governing the Olevel examination/results. They are: WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB.

WAEC (West African Examination Council) conducts two different types of examinations for senior secondary students. These are:

  • WAEC SSCE Internal (School examination)
  • WAEC SSCE External or GCE (Private Examination)

National Examination Council (NECO) also organizes two examinations for senior students, namely:

  • NECO Internal (School Examination)
  • NECO External or NECO GCE (Private Examination)

You can combine any of these results with the other. In the case of our fictitious miss Cynthia above, she may decide to combine her NECO result with her WAEC

You may combine your results as stated below:

  • WAEC SSCE + WAEC SSCE = acceptable
  • WAEC SSCE + WAEC GCE = acceptable
  • NECO + NECO GCE = acceptable
  • WAEC SSCE + NECO = acceptable
  • NECO + WAEC GCE = acceptable
  • I think I left out one more combination. But you get the point, right? Cool.

You can also combine two NABTEB results. But you will need to see the school requirements regarding this.

99.9% of Nigeria Schools Accept Two Sittings

Truth be told, I’m not all that good in Mathematics but i believe the figure is accurate. I mean, look at the list below and do the maths yourself.

  • Every College of Education in Nigeria accepts two sittings
  • All polytechnics in Nigeria accept two sittings
  • All Universities, oh sorry, not all Universities. The University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ado Ekiti (UNAAD) are the only two Nigerian University that do not accept two sittings. Every other University imaginable accepts two sittings

Knowing that you can secure admission with two results eliminates a bit of worry, doesn’t it?

But there is a catch: Some Universities have attached at least a condition to this offer.

Let’s look at a few cases below

  • The University of Ibadan (UI) excludes Pharmacy from the list of courses you can study with two sittings. This means, whereas you can combine results for any course in UI, you need a single sitting to study pharmacy
  • UNIBEN, UNIBADAN, IMSU, ABSU, EBSU, UNIOSUN, ANSU, UNILORIN, and DELSU accept one sitting for Medicine.
  • For the University of Ibadan to accept two sittings, you must have a total credit of 6, instead of 5.

It is difficult to keep track of all these schools and their numerous conditions. What you can do instead is to decide early on the school you want and do some background check on them.

Don’t Aim for Two sittings

If you are already using combined results, then this section of the post isn’t for you. Move along! This is for younger students who are yet to sit for any level examination.

As of the time of this writing, there are no disadvantages of combining two Olevel results. Candidates using a single result do not have an edge over those combining results when it comes to pursuing admission. However, the management of a school may decide to change its policy concerning Olevel acceptance. You can never predict these schools.

However, just because schools accept two sittings doesn’t mean you should aim for it. Nothing is better than making your results in one go. let me give you only two reasons you should not aim for two sittings.

  • You will not be able to study in a school like UNILAG or UNAAD.
  • You will not be able to study medicine and sugery in top federal Universities.
  • Whereas Nigerian institutions accept merging of results, what about foriegn school? What if you have the opportunity to study in the US? Unless I hear otherwise, schools abroad do not understand the phrase “two sittings”.

In Conclusion

Unless we hear otherwise, using two sittings in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB has no effect whatsoever on your admission chances. Except for UNILAG and UNAAD that reject it, all schools in Nigeria accept result merging. However, I’m yet to see a school in Nigeria that accepts more than 2 results.

To gain admission, making your Olevel is only the first step. Next, you need to sit for JAMB and put in your best. The combination of your Olevel result, a good JAMB score, and an optional post UTME are what guarantees your chances of admission.

Additionally, you will need to upload your Olevel result on the JAMB portal before you can be given admission. We have a guide on how to upload your result on the JAMB CAPS.

If you have any questions, kindly drop it in the comment box below

How to check TASUED Admission List for the 2021/2022 Academic Session

The management of the Tai Solarin University of Education has uploaded the names of admitted applicants for the 2021/2022 academic session on the University website.

We advise all applicants to view their names using the link below

Enter your login details. Your username remains your JAMB registration number while your password is your surname. However, in the event that you are getting an invalid message, please click on forgot password and create a new password.

After logging in successfully, click on admission status and view your status.

If you have been admitted, please visit the JAMB CAPS and accept the admission being offered to you and print out your admission letter afterward. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy the admission anymore, you can click on reject.

Congratulations to all successful candidates that made it into the Tai Solarin University of Education. We celebrate you all!

University of Uyo (UNIUYO) 2021/2022 Post UTME/Direct Entry Screening form

UTME and Direct Entry candidates seeking admission into the University of UYO (UNIUYO) can now commence their registration for the 2021/2022 academic session.

One of the major criteria for admission is that applicants must meet the UNIUYO 2021 cut-off mark of 150. Additionally, interested candidates must have picked the institution as their first choice during the 2021 JAMB registration.

Similar to other schools, the screening form is Two Thousand Naira (N2000.00) only and registration is entirely online. Candidates do not need to visit the University before making payments or enrolling.

Eligibility for the UNIUYO post UTME

Before paying the non-refundable fee of N2000, applicants must ensure they

  • have picked the institution as their First choice. UNIUYO does not accept second choice. However, you can buy the JAMB change of institution form and make UNIUYO your first choice.
  • Only candidates with a minimum UTME score of 150 in their 2021 UTME are eligible for admission.
  • candidates must have a minimum of 5 Olevel credits. This includes credit passes in Mathematics, English Language and 3 other relevant subjects.
  • Direct entry candidates must have a minimum of Lower Credit to be eligible.
  • interested canidates must have passed a minimum of 5 subjects in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB. This include Mathematics, English, and 3 other relevant subjects. Candidates with deficiencies in one or more subjects may combine two Olevel results. You may also use “Awaiting result”.

How to apply for UNIUYO post UTME

to apply, please follow the procedures below:

  • Visit the UNIUYO portal at http://www.uniuyo.edu.ng
  • Click on Admission forms
  • select mode of application. UTME and Direct Entry candidates will select UTME and Direct Entry respectively.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number, a valid email address, and your correct phone number.
  • next, make an online payment of N2000 using any bank’s ATM. Note that you will not be able to continue with the registration until you pay.
  • after payment, go ahead and complete your registration.
  • Upload a recent and clear passport.
  • enter your Olevel results. If you are using awaiting result, indicate it.
  • Direct Entry candidates (OND/HND/NCE) must upload their original academic qualifications.
  • Ensure you thoroughly go through your application before submitting. This is because modification of form after submission is nearly impossible.
  • Submit your form and print out your registration slip.

Note: If you are unable to complete the UNIUYO registration, it could be because of the following reasons

  • You did not pick the institution as your first choice. Even if you have bought the change of instutution form, it’s possible it hasn’t yet reflected on the school portal. You will need to have some patience.
  • Your payment was not successful. In that case, you will have to continue trying. Better still, use another ATM card.

Application Deadline:

The UNIUYO post UTME application will close on Friday, November 26, 2021.

All awaiting result candidates must ensure that they upload their O’level results on the JAMB CAPS. If you have uploaded your results during the 2021 JAMB registration, then you’re safe. However, you still need to verify it is there.

Few facts about UNIUYO

  1. It is formerly known as the University of Cross River State.
  2. The University of Uyo is a federal University.
  3. The insitution has 12 Faculties including, Faculty of Law, Arts, Social Sciences, etc.
  4. UNIUYO does not accepts Second Choice from Undergradudates applicants. You either pick it as your first choice or no admission.
  5. The management accepts 2 Olevel sittings.

How to Properly Upload your O’level Result on the JAMB CAPS for Direct Entry and UTME admission

You have probably read or heard from somewhere the importance of uploading your O’level results on the JAMB CAPS. This is true. As a matter of fact, only candidates who have successfully uploaded their WACE/NECO/NABTEB results will be offered admission.

What is JAMB CAPS and what does it do?

The CAPS (Central Admissions Processing System) is an innovation that automates students’ admission. It also offers students the ability to either accept or reject an admission, among other things. As opposed to the days when candidates would visit a school to check their admission status, they can now easily check it right from their mobile phones via the CAPS. Consequently, candidates can check their admission status as many times as they want. Read more about how JAMB CAPS work here

However, one of the requirements for admission is that all candidates must upload their O’level results into the JAMB portal. Otherwise, they will forfeit their admissions, even if they are eligible for it. I hope that is clear enough.

How to Upload O’Level Result on JAMB

If you are using Awaiting Result

If you are using ‘awaiting result’, it means you must upload your results on the JAMB portal as soon as you check them. Yes, JAMB gives you the option to use ‘awaiting result’ during registrations, but it never says it would offer you admission with it. You must upload your result before admission.

To do this, visit the nearest accredited CBT center and upload your result. You can also visit the JAMB office as the case may be. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take time at all. Maybe a couple of minutes.

If you have already Uploaded your Result

If you have already uploaded your results during your JAMB registration, I would have said you have nothing to worry about. But I won’t. You need to confirm it! To confirm if your o’level result is already on the JAMB portal, do this:

  • log into your JAMB profile by providing your email and password. If you dont remember your password, click on “reset password”.
  • after logging in, click on “Check admission status“.
  • then on “Access my CAPS“.
  • finaly, click on “My O’level Result“. This will confirm if your O’level is uploaded or not. If it is, then you don’t have to do anything except to wait for your admission status. Else, you will need to upload it at a CBT center.

Note: You cannot upload your Olevel result on your JAMB portal at a cyber cafe and neither can you upload it from your personal computer. Only a CBT Center has the authority to do that.

How to reset your JAMB CAPS password

In the event that you don’t remember your JAMB password, don’t panic. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/
  • click on “reset password”.
  • on a new page, enter your email address. This is the same email address you signed up with.
  • JAMB will send you a new password in your mail box. If you don’t find it, check your spam folder.
  • you can then login successfully with this new password. You have now reset your caps password

How to Sign up for JAMB CAPS

While you cannot upload your level results on the JAMB portal by yourself, you can, however, sign up for an account. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/
  • click on “Create an account”
  • Enter your email address, your phone number, and choose a password.
  • JAMB will send youa confirmation mail in your inbox containing a 10-digit code.
  • return to portal and enter this code.
  • Enter your details in the form field and submit. Your account has now been created.

Note that you still can’t do much on the JAMB portal until you go to a CBT center. You will provide the 10-digit code that was sent to your inbox and the CBT staff will take it from there

If you have any questions, please drop in the comment below.

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