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The Best Universities in Nigeria 2021: UNILAG vs UI

As we look at the head-to-head comparison between UNILAG and UI, you will be able to determine which one is more suitable for you.

Are you having a hard time deciding which one is more suitable for you between UNILAG and UI? Trust me when I say you’re not alone.

In a country like Nigeria where there is no stability in the University rankings, choosing the best University to attend can be a quite tricky and daunting effort.

The best University today may be in the 9th position today. That is why we need to approach things from a different standpoint, rather than depend on just rankings, especially when it comes to UNILAG vs UI.

UNILAG (University of Lagos) and UI (University of Ibadan) are among the top-rated Universities in Nigeria, in African, and in the world. Picking one of these giants can be extremely difficult as one is known to be “purely academic” while the other is said to be a mix of social life and academic.

We will present you with some of the unique similarities and differences between both Universities, including their fees, rankings, ease of admission, and so on. The final decisions, however, will be yours make.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG)

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University of Lagos
SchoolAmebo Score 9.5 out of 10
Ranking (Overall) #501 – 600 World University 2022
#2 in Nigeria 2022
#10 in Africa 2022
Subject Strength Ranked 301–400 in Clinical and Health
Ranked 1001+ in Engineering
Ranked 1001+ in Physical Sciences
Ranked 601+ in Social Sciences
Academics 86 – Departments
12 – Faculties
Acceptance Rate 15 %
Admission Requirements UTME + 5 Olevel credits
Direct Entry + 5 Olevel credits
Advanced (‘A’) level
JAMB Cut-Off Mark 200
Post UTME Mathematics, English and General Paper
40 Questions
Cost of Study New Students [Science] – N66,000
New Students [Non-Science] – N55,000
Returning Students [Science] – N19,500
Returning Students [Non-Science] – N14,500
O’level Sittings Accepts only one sitting
Grading system 5-point grading system
First Class Graduates 281 out of 7,754 (2021)

The University of Ibadan (UI)

University of Ibadan
SchoolAmebo Score 9.8 out of 10
Ranking (Overall) #401 – 500 World University 2022
#1 in Nigeria 2022
#7 in Africa 2022
Subject Strength Ranked 251–300 in Clinical, pre-clinical & health
Mathematics, Veterinery
Ranked 1001+ in Physical Sciences
Ranked 601+ in Social Sciences
Academics 92 Departments
17 Faculties
Acceptance Rate 45 %
Admission Requirements UTME + 5 Olevel credits
Direct Entry + 5 Olevel credits
Advanced (‘A’) level
JAMB Cut-Off Mark 200
Post UTME UTME Combinations
100 Questions
1hr 30mins
Cost of Study New Students N57,250
Returning Students- N20,650
O’level Sittings Accepts two sittings
Grading system 7-point grading system
First Class 265 out of 8,474 (2021)

General comparisons between UNILAG and UI

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Landmass 324.6 hectares 1,032 hectares
Type Federal Federal
Established 1962 1948
Enrollment Over 45000 30,000-35000
Staff:Student Ratio 20:1 23:1
Male:Female 55% Male, 45% Female 52% Male, 48% Female
Hostel 15 Hostels
12 Hostels
Campus Life Radio station, Athletic teams, Lagoon front Zoo, Student clubs, Athletic teams
Famous Alumni Pastor E.A Adeboye, Genevieve Nnaji, Yemi Alade, Yemi Osinbajo, Funke Akindele, Akinwunmi Ambode Chinua Achebe, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Wole Soyinka, Benedict Ayade, Eniola Badmus, Dr SID
Website www.unilag.edu.ng www.ui.edu.ng

According to the 2022 statistic reports by THE World University Ranking, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the University of Ibadan (UI) rank within the top 10 Universities in Nigeria. UI ranks a bit higher with 1st place in Nigeria and 7th in Africa. UNILAG is not far behind with 2nd place in Nigeria and ranking 10th in Africa.

Top 6 Universities in Nigeria 2021/2022

What are the Similarities between UNILAG and UI?

  • Both are federal Universities
  • They require Post UTME screening for undergraduate admission.
  • Both accept only First choice for admission.
  • Admission cut-off mark for UNILAG and UI is 200
  • Both Universities have created great minds across the world.

Differences between UNILAG and UI

  • With a low acceptance rate of 15%, UNILAG is more difficult to get into than UI which has an acceptance rate of 45%.
  • UNILAG operates on 5-point grade system while UI uses the 7-point system
  • The percentage of international students in UI is 1% compared to UNILAG with 0%.
  • UNILAG has about 10,000 more students than UI.
  • UNILAG has a beautiful Lagoon front while UI has a standard Zoological garden

Few Subject Rankings in Nigeria

Subject Ranking UNILAG UI
Medicine 6th 3rd
Pharmacy 1st 3rd
Political Science 4th 1st
Law 4th 1st

Both schools have very high status, especially in Nigeria. Gaining admission into either of them is a matter of pride for any Nigerian or foreign student. 

So, which University is better between UNILAG and UI?

Given the fact that both schools are almost tied to our head-to-head, it is difficult to pick the better one. However, we are going to consider things from different categories:

UNILAG and UI Acceptance Rates

With a low acceptance rate of 15%, it is very difficult to get into UNILAG. What 15% acceptance translates to is that out of every 100,000 applicants, only 15000 students can get lucky for admission.

UNILAG is the University with the highest number of applications every year. At least 1 out of every 10 candidates wants to study in UNILAG. Considering its landmass, however, the university cannot admit everyone.

On the other hand, the University of Ibadan has an acceptance rate of 45%. This means that for every 100,000 applicants, 45000 students will be given admission. Likewise, if 60,000 students apply for admission into the institution, 27,000 will be offered admission.

On the basis of the acceptance rate, we can conclude that UI is a better option than UNILAG. The University of Ibadan wins in this regard.

Comparing UNILAG and UI School Fees

From the school fees perspective, there is little to no difference between the two Universities. As a matter of fact, Federal Universities are the best Universities in Nigeria when it comes to low school fees.

The total school fees for all fresh students in UNILAG are N66,000 for science N56,0000 for non-science students. Returning students, however, are to pay N19,000 (science) and N14,000 (non-science).

On the other hand, the UI school fees for new students differ from department to department. But on average, the school fee for a fresh student is N57,250 while for returning students, it is N20,650.

The school fees for both schools is easily affordable compared to many other schools, especially the private institution. More on this in another article.

The school fees for both institutions are too close to determine an admission preference. Hence, no winner for this category.

Admission Requirements for UNILAG and UI

Both the University of Lagos and the University of Ibadan organize post UTME screening for their applicants.

  • They accept a minimum of 5 O’level credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English Language. While UI accepts 2 O’level Sittings, UNILAG does not.
  • The JAMB cut-off marks for both institution is 200.
Aggregate UNILAG UI
JAMB 50% 50%
O’level 20%
Post UTME 30% 50%

The University of Ibadan does not use the point grade system, whereas UNILAG does.

How UNILAG calculates its aggregate

The formula is O’level + UTME + Post UTME = 100%

A1 = 4.0 points, B2 = 3.6 points, B3 = 3.2 points, C4 = 2.8 points, C5 = 2.4 points, C6 = 2.0 points. This makes up 20% of the aggregate score.

UTME: 400/8 = 50%

Post UTME = 30% (No division)

The UNILAG post UTME is an online test consisting of 40 questions: 15 Mathematics, 15 English Language, and 10 General paper. The test duration is 30mins.

How UI calculates its aggregate

The formula is UTME + Post UTME = 100%

The University of Ibadan Uses only the UTME and Post UTME for its aggregate. It requires 5 Olevel credits in relevant subjects, but it does not use a point grade system.

UTME: 400/8 = 50

Post UTME: post UTME score/2

Imagine a candidate that scores 240 in JAMB and 70 in the UI post UTME. To calculate the student’s aggregate, we will do the following:

UTME: 240/8 = 30

Post UTME: 70/2 = 35

Aggregate score: 30 + 35 =65

Like UNILAG, UI post UTME is also an online test consisting of 100 questions. The subject combination is the same as your JAMB’s. There are a total of 100 questions for a duration of 1 hour 30mins.

As far as Post UTME goes, the decision as to which school is a better option depends entirely on the student. However, UI offers the benefit of admission to candidates with two O’level sittings, unlike UNILAG. In other words, you can combine two WAEC/NECO results for admission into the University of Ibadan.

Social life in UNILAG vs UI

All work and no play make everyone dull, not just Jack. To succeed in many areas of life, including academics, one has to combine hard work with a sprinkle of social activities.

Most people, especially those watching from distance, think the University of Ibadan is all about studying, studying, and studying. This is not true. There’s a really wide variety of possible social experiences at UI, and these depend majorly on who you end up being friends with.

The word UNILAG, on the other hand, is now almost synonymous with “Fun”. When it comes to social life, UNILAG has an edge over every other school in Nigeria, not just UI alone. Well, why is this possible? there is only one word to describe the reason: Lagos.

Lagos is a city with wonderful beaches, skyscrapers, amazing parks, best entertainment, you name it. The strength of Unilag isn’t the school itself but where the school is.

In UNILAG, you can spread your wings and be ‘You’. The institution has a good balance of work and fun.

Note: By social life, we don’t mean doing drugs and joining cultism. We are talking about a healthy life.

If you are looking to mix hard work with academics, then UNILAG is the school for you. UNILAG wins

Oops! This has been a long post and we are going to be updating it when need be.

Final Words

So far, we have made comparisons between two of the Universities in Nigeria today. We’ve looked at everything from their rankings, cost of study, acceptance rate, and social life.

Academic-wise, you can pick any of the institutions as they both offer a good academic environment. Their lecturers are well exposed too.

If you want to mix social life with academics, then UNILAG is the better option.

When it comes to admission, the University of Ibadan is easier to get into than UNILAG.

If there is any point/category we did not include, kindly drop it for us in the comment box below.


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